Is Wastewaster Surveillance Good, and Should it be Used in America?

Should we the people of the United States of America make way for wastewater surveillance like Pakistan did? 

Wastewater surveillance is a new and rapidly developing research science being used on communities of people in America without their consent or knowledge.

This form of surveillance is used primarily to monitor the rise and fall of Covid levels in the United States. The results are used for guidance in decision making of unelected health individuals and used to restrict the movements of the study population.

Currently the proclaimed use of waste surveillance is to restrict the movement of the populations if Covid is found at increasing levels.

Historically, this form of surveillance was used in Pakistan for the purpose of eradicating wild polio. The sewers of communities were surveilled for wild polio and an oral vaccine was used in the eradication efforts. 

Public health workers and volunteers in the vaccine efforts went door to door to vaccinate children with the oral vaccine. These campaigns were guided by wastewater surveillance results.

Unfortunately, the outcomes of this surveillance and eradication effort were quite damaging to the Pakistani people. Mass paranoia in the population used for the research was evident. This paranoia and fear of the oral vaccine resulted in violent attacks on health care workers. The outbreaks of violence were parents trying to protect their children after hearing rumors of vaccine side effects, increased paralysis, and increased illness from the oral vaccine.

According to reports, children who were vaccinated orally, produced mutations of the polio virus in their intestinal tract. When the waste was expelled from the children’s intestinal tract, the new variant from the oral vaccine went into the environment. 

This mutation of polio is called “vaccine derived polio” or “P2.” Sadly, vaccine derived polio paralyzes at a higher rate than wild polio.

The use of wastewater surveillance and forced vaccinations,  unintentionally produced what some are claiming to be an even more dangerous public health crisis than the initial wild strain of polio.

We as Americans have the right to ask: Is wastewater surveillance an ethical and legal use of humans for public health research? Or does it destroy American values? We have the right to ask if wastewater surveillance results in the destruction of health, both mental and physical.

Is wastewater surveillance for covid and other diseases right for America? 

Recently in America, this form of human research has been used to restrict the movement of populations through mass quarantines of healthy individuals. These individuals were unknowingly being used for research in 2020 after universities across the nation began using their students as research subjects.

Does wastewater surveillance promote American values? Or does wastewater surveillance promote the values of another nation: A nation that is leading us straight into communism and the repeat of history.

You be the judge.

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