Interview with Senator Cramer (cont.)(updated 5/25/21)

Our conversation started out on the Oil and Gas industry. Senator Cramer sits on the Senate Banking Committee, and so I wish I had taken copious notes or started my recorder, because I can’t even remember all that was covered, it was so much. However, long story short, oil and gas are not going anywhere. The economy is too dependent on oil and gas, to have it go away. The banking industry recognizes that without oil and gas the economy tanks. Bankers love strong economies, and money makes “the world go ‘round.” That’s it, in a “nutshell.”

To hear Senator Cramer explain the behind the scenes, at the federal level, was intriguing. I would very much like to have a conversation with him again on this topic with my newly purchased recorder turned on.

There is a distinct kindness about both Senator Cramer and his wife, Kris. You can’t help but enjoy their company and the sense of strength and humility that comes through both of them. Senator Cramer was very open about his experiences in Washington, D.C., and he was gracious enough to share them at the Brick Oven Bakery in Bismarck with me, and my friends, after lunch.

We were all ready to discuss the issues that have sucked the life out of our schools, and businesses, and everyday normal life. The issue that every main stream media outlet has practically turned into a corrosive acid they keep pouring out onto the psyche of the American population. Even the once loved Fargo Forum is putting out hateful and toxic articles that breed hate and division. Many writers have taken it upon themselves to try to shame people into taking a vaccine they know nothing about. The pronounced preoccupation and obsessive coverage, of the vaccination campaign from Hell, has burned us all. How do we ever get back to normal? Sorry, I went negative for a second, but thankfully, Senator Cramer is a very positive guy so you will enjoy reading the next parts of this article.

When Senator Cramer was asked about federal overreach regarding Covid-19, he said that in his line of work he is well acquainted with government overreach, so that part was nothing new. But one thing that surprised him, and not in good way, was people’s willingness to comply.

Senator Cramer: “I was Really surprised by the number of people willing to conform. Our whole system is based on not conforming. Our whole system of self government is based on democracy and self governing.”

Side note: America is a republic within a democracy, or better known as a representative democracy: The only one in the world. It sets freedom up high out of reach from government. So watching people comply and conform has been devastating for all of us who love freedom most.

Senator Cramer on his medical privacy:
“One of the reasons I took the position; I did, with the survey of United States Senators on who has, or has not, been vaccinated……and remember I’m one of the five out of 100 that have not disclosed whether or not they’ve been vaccinated. Most of them took a selfie and tweeted it. I’m nothing if not an open book…… But I would not disclose because it increasingly bothered me that people were being pressured and they started talking about vaccine passports. Whether it’s individual companies or individual industries or governments: That is frightening to me. I just decided then and there, I would not be disclosing as a matter of principle. My communications department wrote up a nice long explanation incurring the benefits of vaccines ending with: It’s none of your business. But then I said, we’re just gonna stick with: It’s none of your business. And then again it’s not that I think people need to be afraid to ask. But I also believe it’s not any of your business.”

Our conversation went into talking North Dakota and the vaccine.

Kris Cramer: “North Dakota’s numbers willing to vaccinate went from 6000 in the month of March to 3000 end of April to like 600 and some in May.”

Me: “Well, that is good news. That means people are realizing that they don’t have to get this vaccine.”

Although I am pro vaccine and vaccinate for everything , I am not for this particular vaccine yet, as it has proven to have extreme side affects that are a far greater risk than the disease itself was in my individual case. I became even more aware of how much risk one takes on with this particular form of vaccine after a loved one had a near fatal reaction with the Pfizer vaccine. His side affects included two hospitalizations and a blood clot from his shoulder to his wrist that would have killed him had his Dr. not promptly admitted him to the ER. A vaccine like this, including a new science, needs to be weighed very carefully by all who take on that risk. If the disease poses a lesser risk to the individual than the vaccine, it is important these facts be taken into consideration.

I was greatly relieved to hear that North Dakotans are taking this vaccine very seriously and are slowing up on getting it and evidently doing their research and due diligence before risking their own health and well being out of social pressure. My hope is that this vaccine is a smashing success and has excellent outcomes in the future with long term studies that prove it out. Vaccine medicine is truly a miracle of modern science, but one should consider all angles before advocating that others jump into this MRNA treatment. It has cost many their lives already according to many reports. To promote such a risk be mandatory is irresponsible. That is why it must always remain a choice by all and never forced upon people with a passport.

I was incredibly thankful that Senator Cramer took on the difficult stance not to disclose his status. In my opinion his disclosure could unintentionally persuade an individual one way or the other and that is not his place. That is a private medical matter that must be weighed with one’s personal physician.

Senator Cramer was gracious to me interjecting my opinion:
“On this particular vaccine we don’t know very much. Some of what we know is not good. So, there is an appropriate and healthy skepticism of government. Our forefathers had a healthy skepticism of government. It’s why they created states to be superior over the federal government, not the other way around. Federal government is the creation of the states. When I had my opportunity to interview Justice Amy Coney Barrett, I spent all my time talking about federalism. I wanted to make sure that she was going to fight for the sovereignty of my state when the federal government was wrong. I wanted a clear understanding of what she believed federalism was and is.”

Senator Cramer continued ….

“We, here in North Dakota, have the highest rate of skepticism of anywhere because…….”
Me: “Because we know we have immune systems?”
Senator Cramer: “OK. So since you brought that up, this is the point! I think we were the first state, according to Columbia University, to have reached herd immunity. And we did that because we do what we do. We put our heads down and plow through the wall and whoever comes out the other side still standing is still going, and that’s what we do. Consequently, we probably had a higher rate of infection early, but reached herd immunity first, and we are probably better off than whatever state has the highest rate of vaccination now.”

Senator Cramer regarding influence:

“People like me have a responsibility to use their broader circle of influence. People that watch people, are looking for a champion. People want to be able to point at somebody and say: If it’s OK for him, it’s OK for me. I think that’s a role that many people in public life are either uncomfortable with, or they reject it all together, or it’s not something that matters to them, or they’re worried about how people view them. I never thought I was entitled to the job by acclamation. You can make a difference, or you can make a point. Sometimes by making a point you don’t make a difference, but you still make your point. That’s why I made such a stink about not telling anybody about whether I have hemorrhoids, or whether I have, or have not, gotten a vaccination. Because it’s nobody’s damn business.”

Senator Cramer: after being asked, is Money why the CDC won’t talk about the treatments other than the vaccine?

“One of the great injustices of this whole thing is the complete ignoring of treatments; modest, readily available low cost; easy to consume treatments, and that’s if you even need a treatment.”

(This last quote captures the heart and soul of this very kind and faith filled Senator.)

Senator Cramer: “When I get interviewed, a common question I get when they interview me: They say, ‘We noticed you always wear a mask around here but you don’t wear one at home.’ I’ve had that question about three times and they say, ‘Why?’
And I say, ‘Well, I wear it here for you, because you’re afraid. At home we’re not afraid. Here….. you’re afraid. The reason I’m not afraid is because I always put everything in the context it belongs. The context of this is: The likelihood of getting the disease is not that high, and the likelihood from getting sick is even lower. The likelihood of dying from it, is almost nothing, and that’s the best outcome, you know? So if the worst outcome is heaven, I don’t have much to fear. But you clearly don’t share that. And you’re clearly more afraid than I am, and since you’re afraid, I’ll wear it for you.’ and they’ve always been very respectful of me.”

Written by – Margo Knorr

Thankyou Conservative Advocates of ND for joining in on the conversation with Senator Cramer.

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