Interview with Senator Cramer.

Sitting down with Senator Cramer for an interview was delightful. And I will get to that in a second. 

But first let’s talk about Kris, Senator Cramer’s wife. So often we don’t hear about the wives of the truly powerful men in office, who give up the traditional life they most likely dreamed of as young girls for a different calling in using the gifts God has given them. They take on the difficult and humbling task of being in the light of an elected official. She makes it look natural. And yet I am convinced it would have to have been quite an adjustment from the dreams we as girls have growing up. Didn’t we all used to  pick out our  wedding dresses  from  the JCPenney catalog and dream of our family? I digress. 

Rarely do you meet a woman like Senator Cramer’s wife. The epitome of what it means to be a conservative Republican woman. She truly is an unsung hero in the role of mother and spouse. There is no saintly aura around her, no fake nice, and it is refreshing. She simply is who she is. A mother to her children and much much more.  She homeschools her youngest using a curriculum which is by far, more complete in the math and sciences than watered down common core and science text books that have become the political platform for the global warming extremists agenda. (My summary, not hers.)

She  is a woman to look up to for her modesty and strength and undisguisable beauty. Her ability to discern and hold viewpoints that are NOT based on popularity is a gift that few have.  As a fellow woman and mother, I hold her in a place of high esteem for her defining example of being true to herself and who God empowered her to be, while choosing to remain in the role of feminine. You can clearly see she is unswayed by cultural influence that is constantly changing depending on the left’s given mood swings and their emotional tantrums everytime they don’t get their way. 

Unannounced, but ever present, is Kris’s ability to hold her own  as her husband has taken on a role at the federal level and has chosen to lead the state  by holding elected office in the Senate.  She now holds the very influential role of being by Senator Cramer’s  side as he is in a position of guiding, overseeing, and sorting through federal policy that would or could serve to hurt or help our Great state of North Dakota. It  is abundantly clear Kris leaves that task and its details in Senator Cramer’s capable hands. While unafraid to speak her mind when their views are different, there is no doubt about it, Senator Cramer chose wisely when he chose Kris.  Kris is one of a kind. In a  world of political pundit wives, and women with ever-increasing appetites for fame, money, and approval, it is clear that Kris could care less about these agendas. She clearly values her privacy and freedoms too much to become a slave to any of that. She stands firmly in her role as mother and supporting partner to Senator Cramer. 

Ok….. back to the interview. 

Sitting down after lunch with Senator Cramer and his wife was so much fun. I had been invited to interview him(via email) and was so shocked by the idea,  I about fell off my office perch when I read the email. I replied with a, “yes!” so fast I hadn’t even finished my thought before I pressed, “send email.”  I  had to write back a few times to work out the details. And, now, we were sitting at the Brick Oven Bakery in Bismarck. 

In truth,  I had been fascinated by, not so much, Senator Cramer (sorry Senator Cramer), but more so by Kris.   However,  I was thrilled to shift my attention to the Senator and excited by opportunity to visit face to face with someone I helped to elect, when I voted for him. 

 I invited along two other women and mother’s who are leaders that I admire and respect, so they too could hear what Senator Cramer had to say. They are at the forefront of the Conservative Advocate movement, Amber Vibeto and Tara Roedocker. Tara and Amber were never involved in politics until recently,  but both have boldly stepped up to the challenge in an effort to reverse the damage done to our states education system with Public Health initiatives unchecked. You would have to be blind not to see the damaging outcomes of the Department of Health’s recommendations when they become untethered from common sense and the reality of disease spread in children. Amber and Tara are now Chair and Vice Chair of District 3 GOP. I could go on about these two influential mothers, wives  and strong women,  but I will just say this,  nothing compares to these women’s love for the Lord.  They have proven they have great courage while taking on the critical issues that are still plaguing our schools long after the initial onset of the pandemic has come and gone.  And it has not been an easy role to take. Faced with harsh and quite personal attacks, it is never easy to be the first to stand in opposition of a cultural shift that has become parasitic to our children.

Back to the interview…..

So, there we all sat. I had taken a seat across from Senator Cramer and to the left of Kris who slid her chair around to the side, while  Tara sat next to Senator Cramer and Amber sat to my left. 

Four Conservative women, three of whom were there to size up Senator Cramer and see if he was up to the challenge of holding down the line for freedom and privacy and backing off public health at the federal level. And one, a gracious wife willing and confident enough to let us. 

In the next article,  I will tell you all about Senator Cramer and the different topics covered. 

We covered topics ranging from: medical and vaccination privacy, the CDC, contact tracing of minor children and the efforts and influence Senator Cramer has gained from his  strong stance for the  oil and gas industry and maybe a few more topics that are relevant to the issues we face here in ND. (To be cont.)

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– Margo Knorr

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