Every Society has a Joan of Arc

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Do you know how to tell when a Leftist feels threatened by a strong, intelligent woman who stands up for her beliefs? When they write a hit piece that attacks her on a personal level because they cannot engage on the issues intellectually. Leftists may not be the best at using facts to support their arguments, but one area in which they do excel is the emotional manipulation of their fellow citizens. What is especially fascinating is how they continually falsely accuse others for the very things that they themselves participate in. For example, a Leftist will accuse someone of being a bully, and they’ll do so by using bully tactics like submitting a letter to the editor that is filled with name-calling and slander. This is exactly what the executive director of Prairie Action ND did to State Senator Janne Myrdal in the Fargo Forum by writing an opinion piece that has the journalistic integrity of a personal diary entry.
What is typically ironic about this classic Leftist attack is that Prairie Action ND’s mission is to ‘ensure all perspectives are heard in order to create more balance in North Dakota politics.’ When Leftists advocate for diversity and inclusion, make no mistake – that only applies to body parts and skin color. Diversity of thought will simply not be tolerated. One of their favorite pastimes is accusing Christian conservatives of being bigoted and intolerant when the exact opposite is true. Leftists are the true religious zealots of our day. They are the ones who demand obedience in thought, word, and deed. If one does not fall in line, then a price must be paid. That usually comes in the form of public slander which is extraordinarily easy to do since newspapers apparently have little to no standards for what they will print nowadays.
Fortunately, those of us who truly follow Christ’s teachings and who don’t manipulate his words to fit a political agenda aren’t intimidated by baseless name-calling. In fact, every time we are targeted for our beliefs it only assures us that we must be doing a good job of standing up for women’s rights, unborn babies, religious freedom, and objective truth.
So if you consider yourself a “Janne Myrdal”, pat yourself on the back and know you are fighting the good fight in the spirit of the infamous Joan of Arc who displayed remarkable moral courage and intelligence as she steadfastly fought for her convictions.

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Amber Vibeto

One thought on “Every Society has a Joan of Arc

  1. It would be a great honor to be considered a “Janne Myrdal”. She not only has the talk of a pro-life warrior; her actions show her convictions as well. I am grateful God called Senator Janne to serve as a North Dakota Senator. #lovingotherswell

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