Losing an Unseen Battle: When Will Americans Recognize the Danger of Totalitarianism 


I recently had an opportunity to visit Washington DC with my daughter’s senior class.  It was incredibly inspiring to visit the memorials of America’s founding fathers and the servicemen and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that future generations could live free from tyranny.  I couldn’t help but contemplate if I, like the men and women whose names are etched in stone, would be able to display courage, valor, and excellence in the face of mortal danger.  I suspect not. As we visited one memorial after another, the one thought that kept running through my mind was this: We’ve been defeated by China and we don’t even know it.  What prompted this thought?  Seeing double-masked  joggers out for a run on a warm, sunny day.  Seeing dog walkers, bike riders, and families out with their children – all completely masked up.  Being frantically asked to put a mask on as I waited in line for coffee.  All of these instances alone were enough to confirm my suspicion that citizens have been psychologically damaged as a result of the incessant, pervasive, and emotionally manipulative public health propaganda.  But in addition to that, it was the flat-out aggressive behavior of government employees and fellow citizens (not to mention the airline employees who could barely contain their glee at the power that has been granted to them) that caused the alarm bells that have been ringing for the last year to ring even louder.  Throughout my time in DC, I had several interactions with people who are either clearly living in terror on a daily basis or who have simply grown accustomed to bossing complete strangers around while expecting prompt obedience.  One particular experience stands out.  As our tour group entered the gate outside Mt. Vernon and while still outside, we were met with a double-masked + face shielded + gloved employee who was quite agitated with my bare face.  I assured her that I’d don a mask when inside.  However, the truth is that wearing the mask on my chin is about as compliant as I can be most times.  So, of course, I was reminded rather sternly to put my mask over my nose as we went inside the museum.  I asked the handful of employees standing around what they thought George Washington would think of the forced masking of American citizens.  I was met with blank stares made extra blank by the bizarre and creepy masks.  I then simply said, “I’m pretty sure he’s rolling over in his grave right now.”  Again, no response.  Soon afterward, I experienced a few of the most intense encounters of our trip.  In complete disbelief, I witnessed a security guard behave just like I imagine a Nazi would have behaved in 1930’s Germany.  I don’t use that comparison lightly.  He aggressively approached an adult who was brazen enough to briefly pull down his mask to scratch his nose, and he loudly barked out the command, “MASK!!”  This same security guard later turned his fury on me.  I was completely by myself – the museum was mostly empty – but that was apparently no excuse for my blatantly disobedient maskless face.  He yelled at me to put my mask over my nose.  I calmly asked him why he needed me to wear a mask.  He said it was policy.  I said, ok, I will just leave.  I turned to go, and he loudly said, “NO”.  Confused, I asked if he meant to detain me until I put my mask up and he said “YES.  DO IT NOW.”  I wish I could say that I was brave enough to stand up to this overgrown bully, but at that point, I was starting to shake in my boots, so I pulled my mask up and walked away.  However, shortly thereafter I was able to calmly explain to the next employee who told me to put my mask up that I have the God-given natural right to breathe freely and communicate naturally.  This irrefutable statement caused her to throw a little fit, but at least she refrained from calling security and having me escorted out for the crime of breathing while browsing in a gift shop.  The irony of experiencing this level of tyranny while surrounded by tributes to George Washington and the history of our country’s founding was absolutely incredible and deeply disturbing to me.  Shortly after arriving back home, a friend posted a quote by Sun Tzu from the ancient Chinese military treatise The Art of War: “”The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”  It reminded me of my recurring thought while in DC.  Moralizing mask wearing has been an absolutely brilliant strategy to dehumanize, control, divide, and manipulate citizens.  Because America has become a nation that operates largely on emotions and political affiliations, it wasn’t hard to manipulate us into becoming a masked nation.  What better weapon with which to subdue Americans than public health?  After all, we are generally a nation that cares about our fellow citizens, and that also clearly idolizes and finds comfort in perceived experts.  It should not go unnoticed that the Chinese Communist Party is extremely skilled and experienced in using propaganda to shape the beliefs and attitudes of a nation in order to achieve unforced compliance to their totalitarian regime.  Is it really so crazy to think that China would apply this strategy toward other countries in order to gain influence and power?  Americans are the proverbial frog in the pot of boiling water.  How have we turned from an independent-minded people who fiercely defend individual liberties to the extent that they are willing to lay down their lives in order to preserve and defend them to a people that intimidate, shame, and strong-arm their fellow citizens into covering their faces and providing proof of vaccination in order to simply participate in society?  If we are wise, then we will pose this question to those who have survived communist oppression, and we will heed their urgent warnings about the signs and symptoms of totalitarianism that have become pervasive not only in America, but around the world.  
“All warfare is based on deception.” – Sun Tzu

2 thoughts on “Losing an Unseen Battle: When Will Americans Recognize the Danger of Totalitarianism 

  1. Fear has gripped our nation. It would have been nice to see these same government employees defend our national memorials with the same fierce anger when they were being attacked by anti American groups. Bullys only attack those who they think are weak. Before WWII Germany used their national health department to gain control of their population. It was all done under “science”. Brown shirts marched the streets to enforce the governments will on the population. America’s greatest is built on our individual freedom. We must never take our freedom for granted.

  2. I can’t imagine the mixed feelings of looking at Mt Vernon and being treated that way about the masks. I am not a cryer but that might have done it. I feel kicked in the gut and I wasn’t even there with you, but was a few years ago. Not only is George Washington turning over in his grave, he is flat out spinning!!!

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