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strict female teacher with book pointing at scribbled blackboard


Ms Ahlin claims no good can come of Senator Janne Myrdal’s (Republican—District 10) fixation on abortion.  Her fixation, described as strange, was demonstrated by the amendment Myrdal offered to the higher education challenge matching grant program for the State Board of Higher Education.  Ms. Ahlin claims the amendment is an afront to academic freedom.

strict female teacher with book pointing at scribbled blackboard
The Left is obsessed with things other than life. Senator Myrdal is on the RIGHT side and has proven trustworthy in her unapologetic fight to protect Life and bring awareness to what our Universities are teaching and who they accept funding from. We applaud Senator Myrdal.

A state entity partnering with an abortion provider and the leader of the abortion lobby is not only an affront to North Dakotans, but also against the law.  The amendment, taken from the ND Century code, demonstrates a commitment to the value of life.

In 2019, eighty-nine legislators signed a letter, which asked for an explanation about ties between Planned Parenthood and NDSU through the “Safe Spaces” course. Are all these legislators obsessed with abortion, too?

The Safe Spaces for (K-12) teachers, offered again in August 2021 is taught by Katie Christensen, the State Director of External Affairs, Planned Parenthood, North Central States.  Materials recommended for children includes, It’s perfectly Normal by Robbie Harris.  The book for elementary aged children contains graphic drawings of female and male anatomy and covers topics such as sexual intercourse (vaginal, oral, and anal sex), abortion and homosexuality.

Yes, Senator Myrdal is obsessed.  Her obsession about life and a healthy educational environment for our children is shared by most of her peers in the legislature.  Voters in Senator Myrdal’s district share her ideological obsession about life as well.  On November 3, 2021, Myrdal won 74.4% of the votes in her re-election campaign.  Perhaps the strange part is that these facts escape Ms. Ahlin. 

Linda Thorson, State Director Concerned Women for America, North Dakota

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