Counterfeit Justice: Why We Must Fight Against the Left’s War on Reality

What is happening in women’s sports right now is a perfect example of why it’s important for citizens to speak out on sociocultural issues.  Too many have acquiesced to the immense social pressure to either affirm or stay silent on the issue of transgenderism because they don’t want to be labeled as hateful and judgmental.  At this point, the pressure is so great that many citizens fear losing their job if they dare express an opinion that doesn’t align politically with the Left.  Many people justify their silence by telling themselves it’s none of their business how other people live their lives.  However, transgender ideology does, in fact, affect us all.  There are real world implications for the redefinition of certain key words like man and woman, and one way we are seeing that play out is the misguided, dangerous, and unfair push to allow males in female sports.  
There is a mountain of evidence that shows that, in general, male athletes are bigger, stronger, faster, possess better hand-eye coordination, and are more spatially aware than their female counterparts, all of which clearly give men the advantage.  Women would be put in a considerably vulnerable position if they were made to compete against males, especially in a contact sport as women are more likely to be injured when colliding with a man verses another woman.  Males even have the advantage after one year of gender-affirming hormone therapy.  A study by the British Journal of Medicine showed that trans-women (males) still had a 9% faster average run speed after the one year period of testosterone suppression that is recommended by World Athletics for inclusion in women’s events. 
The celebration and complete acceptance of transgender ideology has implications beyond the world of sports.  It is now acceptable to allow our youth to be test subjects for social experimentation.  Our culture’s celebration of victimhood has an incredible pull on impressionable youth – especially if they are struggling socially.  They know that by identifying with the LGBT movement they will be celebrated by their peers and by the culture.  Unfortunately, this does not lead to happier and healthier kids, despite what we are told.  There is a reason that a moral society establishes an age of consent for sexual activity.  Our government recognizes that children do not have the ability for consensual sex because their brains are not fully developed.  And yet, we are being told that toddlers have the self-awareness and mental capacity to choose their own gender.  Children and teens are being encouraged to make life-altering decisions that they do not have the ability to make and that they likely will regret as they grow older.  How is this showing compassion and kindness towards young people who struggle with gender dysphoria?  Speaking truth with love and respect is a much higher virtue than ignoring obvious lies for the sake of being kind.  It is nothing less than tragic to accept a worldview in which biological sex and gender are separate from each other because this leads to a society in which objective scientific facts are turned into mere cultural and social constructs.  This leaves women particularly vulnerable because we cannot protect women’s rights without a concrete definition of what it means to be a woman.    
If gender is not informed by objective biological science, then it has to be based on subjective feelings and opinions which can and do change, especially in a culture that quickly and easily propagates postmodern philosophies like gender theory through the use of social media. The number of kids who identify as trans has skyrocketed in recent years.  This is not an organic development, but due to peer contagion that is spurred on by activist parents, media, Hollywood, Planned Parenthood, and certain public school systems all actively recruiting our youth to identify with the LGBT movement.  Trans athletes are currently in the minority, but as transgenderism ideology becomes more mainstream, there will be more and more males who will want to compete in women’s sports.  If we do not pass legislation to protect women’s sports, the scholarships, awards, and opportunities that sports provide will once again be dominated by men and boys. Many have been fooled into thinking that this is progress. It is not. We must not allow transgenderism ideology to override established biology.  We must not choose political correctness over the safety and hard won rights of women and girls.  
Transgenderism is portrayed as a complex and nuanced field of medicine, but in actuality, it is an ideology that requires us to ignore established biological science and logic. The whole transgender movement is religious in nature.  It requires faith to believe that men can be “trapped inside a woman’s body”, and vice versa.  It requires complete obedience – in thought and action.  People are “held accountable” for daring to question a narrative that, for all of human history up until very recently, most people would have considered absurd.  There are calls for repentance when someone has been identified as a bigot, but there is no forgiveness to be found no matter how desperate or unnecessary the apology.  The fallen are told that, unfortunately, losing a job and/or being de-platformed from social media are the justifiable consequences for not falling in line with the doctrine of gender theory – a theory that in part was pioneered by the prominent psychologist, John Money, whose unethical experimentation on two young boys led to their suicides as adults.  
The incoherent thought processes in this particular ideology are many.  Just one example: we are told that making the assumption that only girls like to play with dolls and like the color pink is wrong and an example of a toxic social construct.  But at the same time we are told that if a young boy exhibits those preferences, he must actually be a girl.  How are these assertions compatible with each other?  
If we truly cared about the mental well-being of our impressionable youth, we would point them to the truth of who they are based on objective reality rather than the subjectiveness of postmodern philosophies and cultural trends.  We would tell them that while transgenderism falsely claims that our bodies are irrelevant to the person we are on the inside, our biology points us to the truth that our bodies and souls together form an integrated and whole human being. Not only would we tell them the truth of who they are, we would advocate for ethical, compassionate, evidenced-based psychological care to address their confusion and distress.   
One way North Dakotans can make their voices heard on this issue is to contact their district senator and urge him or her to support HB 1298 relating to the prohibition of males in female sports.  We must not allow a counterfeit social justice for the minority to create an injustice for the majority.  The future of women’s sports, as well as the mental well-being of our youth, depend on the courageous among us who are willing to accept the social backlash in order to stand for truth. It’s time to stand up for women, for girls, and for children because they are the ones who are being the most negatively impacted by the transgender movement.  In order to do that, we must educate ourselves on the origin of gender theory and examine this worldview in a logical way, leaving emotion, politics, and antagonism toward others behind. 


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