Isolated to Death

Recently I was listening to a story about an elderly man in a North Dakota nursing home who was kept “safe” in his nursing home until he died alone. He was kept away from his family, friends, and loved ones for months.  He was conscientiously and rigorously kept “safe” by the federal government, the North Dakota Department of Health, and the Nursing Home he resided in. He was kept this way until he died alone, isolated, and “SAFE.”

Is this who our Physicians, Health Departments, and disease research Doctors have become? Advocating for isolation camps for our beloved elder population: Is this science?

We are now being guided by a godless science which is incapable of acknowledging the healing touch of a loved ones presence, or the reality of miracles. “Define your choices with data or you are not relevant to the conversation,” is the motto guiding many of our politicians and leaders.

And this is science? ….Safe… Sterile…..Isolated ……..Masked………Until death do us part.

That is not the way I hope to leave this world. I hope to have snot covered grandchildren crawling ALL OVER ME. To die from a respiratory infection, given directly to me by the hug of my 3 year old grandchild who held my wrinkled, time worn face in her little hands and told me she loved me; sounds like the best way to go. I hope she wipes her running nose on my shoulder and burrows her little face in my neck as she nestles in for a hug.

When I die: I want to go just-like-that, Covid and all.

“Give me liberty or give me death”-Nathan Hale

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