Where are our lawmakers?

What are our elected officials in Washington D.C. doing? Have they become trapped in the “Think Tank”? Watching our lawmakers do absolutely, nothing, with regards to ending this, “catastrophe mindset,” as promoted by the CDC, HHS, and their Public Health initiatives,  is mind numbing.

Most of our federal politicians have been granted early access to the vaccine and are as immune as they will ever be. But still, it’s not enough for them.  What exactly do they want? To wear masks until life is secure, with not one threat of germ or virus? It appears so.

If you tune into C-SPAN  you will see the individuals we elected, turning our nation inside out. Do they think Americans are stupid? Because they are not.

Americans, by and large, have access to health care and self care that is quality, and readily available.  Most of us have had COVID-19. And frankly, it’s not that bad for the majority of the population. NO MATTER what anyone tells you, the science is in: The masks are over-rated and the disease was never what their minds created it to be.

Where are our leaders!!???

What an absolute, utter, sadness to watch our federal lawmakers take no stance on this unending masking. They are not even bold enough to say, “Stop masking the children in a school setting.”

Who have our lawmakers become? What kind of people did we elect? They are sinking in a “Think Tank” of policy, procedure, and predictions that are no longer tethered to reality. Will they find their way back home, to solid reasoning of the Mind and Body?

Will our Lawmakers ever come to terms with their mortality and the mortality of their constituents? Or do they plan on masking themselves for the rest of their public life?

Perhaps they should retire.

Time for some one in Washington D.C. to  climb out of the “Group Think Tank” currently sinking our drowning Nation. It is time to be a leader of character, beholding to no one other than God, Himself: In Him we trust. He decides life and death not you👉 and you 👈and you👉.

We need a leader who stands for freedom and liberty and the Constitution of the United States of America!!! Let people choose what is best for their own body. We the people do NOT require a nanny or caretaker. We need a free thinking mind, uncorrupted and able to logically reason. Is there anyone left in DC who is capable of thinking for themselves?

Wear a mask if you want to, but don’t force your mindset onto our Nation. Your germ mitigation strategies have gone too far and for far too long. We have appeased and placated your weaknesses and we are DONE!!!

It’s time you were told the truth: You will be responsible for destroying our nation if you continue on in this much longer. It is NOT the pandemic rotting our Nation’s infrastructure and harming us as a people and Nation. It has been YOUR reaction to the pandemic that has been the most destructive force of all.

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