Don’t be a “Rumplestiltskin”

cute positive bonding siblings in face masks

Are any elected officials advocating for children? For almost a year now, we have been masking children so they would be allowed in school and sports. And what has this done. Absolutely Nothing!!!!

Comparing the data from schools who did not mask to schools who do mask: the evidence is undeniable. The kids that did not wear masks are healthier. Their faces are free from the mask induced bacterial infections that produce boils and puss filled sores on their little faces.
The children in schools that did not mandate masks, had excellent results. They are healthy and well. Yet, these facts and scientific data are ignored.


Why has the CDC, HHS, Health Departments and outspoken pediatricians become dishonorable in their actions and ideologies? The answer: Because they took disease mitigation too far.  They became unreasonable. And it is no longer OK, with anyone.
Enough is enough! The mandatory masking of children needs to stop. “Optional always but never mandatory” is a motto to live and die by.

You have the right and freedom to wear a mask. But you do not have the right to force your will and desires onto the faces of children, anymore. You must STOP ✋, regroup, and take time off to care for your mental health if you are in one of the listed groups above. It is time to come back to your senses. It’s time to start advocating for the unmasking of children.

Mask yourself…..NOT a child. Don’t be a Rumplestiltskin.

man in yellow protective suit
Don’t be a Rumplestiltskin

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